Professional Services

Business Process Development and Implementation

Clearly defined and current business processes are vital to operational success.  

Additionally, implementation is key to staff understanding and execution.  

We will provide a comprehensive analysis of your current processes and procedures to define a clear path forward using a 'big picture' approach in updating or establishing business processes.

Our services will ensure a seamless transition from reengineering and remodeling to implementation.

Contract Closeout Subject Matter Expertise

Contract closeout can be tricky to navigate for both contractors and government agencies. 

Our expertise will assist you in navigating and completing all tasks required for a complete and compliant closure.

Contract and case closures are becoming more critical in the current government sector.  Let us help you navigate the tasks and become more successful with our professional services.

Financial Audit Support & Accounting Risk Analyses

Accurate financial tracking is critical to the success of any business, contract, and agency.  

Our expertise will ensure your success by assisting with financial analysis, audit support, and implementation of corrective action if necessary.

Our experts will analyze your cost accounting practices for compliance gaps with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) provisions and DCAA auditor expectations that require, among other things, accumulation of costs by government contract, segregation of direct and indirect costs, accounting for unallowable costs, and a contract timekeeping process.

Building a risk mitigating accounting system may include designing and supplementing your general and subsidiary ledgers, reconfiguring the indirect cost structure, and preparation of written policies and procedures.  All risk mitigation corrective action will be performed to maximize your cost recovery under government contracts while meeting  all applicable regulations. 

Contract Compliance and Lifecycle Management

Contract lifecycle management and compliance is critical to the success of any business in the federal sector.  It can be difficult to navigate regulations and ensure your staff is knowledgeable.   We are here to not only assist you through this process, but to ensure that you have the tools to success!

Our professionals will assist your company or agency in complying with contract and subcontract requirements from solicitation to final close-out, and improving your contracts administration organization by ensuring they have the knowledge and tools to be successful.

We are entirely dedicated to serving government contractors and agencies in addressing the complex challenges of contract administration, completeness, and correcting deficiencies as they arise.

Risk Management

An effective  Risk Management Process requires a commitment on the part of the Program Manager (PM), the  Program Management Office (PMO) and the contractor to be successful. 

An effective life-cycle risk management plan is critical to not only the success of a project, but to your company's profitability.

We can ensure that your projects are geared for success by giving you the tools that you require to predict, identify, and mitigate risks.

Proposal Development and Support

Writing complete, compliant, and competative proposals can be a challenge for even the most seasoned contractors and businesses.  

We offer proposal support and services that will help to ensure you have the knowledge, tools, and support you need to have the best opportunity for success!

Writing complete, compliant, and competitive proposals can be a challenge for even the most seasoned contractors and businesses.