Training Course Development & Facilitation Services

Training Courses are Relevant and Engaging

  • Most Up-To-Date & Meaningful Content – Beyond Academics
  • Address Constant Changes in the Regulatory Environment
  • In Step with Real-Life Issues and Client Challenges
  • Guaranteed to Meet Course Objectives
  • All Courses are Developed to Meet Client Specific Needs
  • Personalized Courses are Key to Client Success - No Generic or "Canned" Courses

Sterling Compliance Instructors

  • Experienced Training Facilitators
  • Interactive with Participants
  • Receive High Marks from Attendees

Sample of Training Courses Available

  • Understanding Government Contracts and Regulations
  • How to Better Understand the Contracts You Manage 
  • Critical Steps for Success as a Federal Contractor
  • What the FAR and DFAR Really Mean to You

Specialized Training Course Development

For more than 18 years, Sterling Compliance has been a leader in educating government contractor personnel in a wide range of areas.  Our course developers and facilitators remain on the cutting edge of current events, regulatory changes and other important issues that significantly effect both federal and state government sectors.  We continuously update our materials and develop specialized government training courses to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Sterling Compliance prides itself on development and facilitation of specialized courses.  Each customer has their unique set of needs and challenges.  It is our goal to provide course material and facilitation services that customer personnel can incorporate into their everyday functions for improved performance and productivity.

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